Denver Post | The Know | August 2020

Three vibrant houses along Tennyson Street look nothing like the sleek developments across the street. If you’re in the neighborhood, you should stop and take a look. They’re not going to be there long.

The Wana Art House Project consists of three bungalows on Tennyson, in a collaboration between local startups, retailers and artists. It started as the brain-child of Tim Sack, the activation director at Reactiv, a Denver Real Estate startup that Sack describes as “the Airbnb of office and retail space.” Now it’s also the home of a handful of small businesses and more than 20 artists, including Babe Walls, an all-women muralist group, and Rainbow Militia, a performing arts and circus collective.

Sack said he had his eye on these three vacant houses on Tennyson Street since January. The developer told him they were supposed to be torn down for new construction, but the project went on hold after coronavirus closures. So Reactiv is renting houses that would otherwise be vacant. In just six weeks, he and his team turned the houses into retail, rental and art space for artists and local businesses.

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