Green Entrepreneur | July 2020

Now, a group of companies has rallied to transform three vacant properties in the Tennyson Shopping District in North Denver into an immersive arts destination with art activations, performances, and pop-up shops.

Dubbed “The Wana Art House Project," the event is named after the lead sponsor—infused-products giant Wana Brands. The project gives the community a socially-distanced place to gather, while also providing jobs for more than 20 artists and an outlet for entrepreneurs and small businesses to sell to the public. The space will be open from July 30 through August 22.

The Wana Art House Project is in part the brainchild of commercial property tech company Reactiv. As the pandemic has pushed up property vacancy and stalled redevelopment,  Reactiv is finding ways to bring novel usage and inject vibrancy into spaces that may otherwise be sitting empty.  

With the pandemic pausing the developer's plans for the three properties on the Tennyson Shopping District corridor, Reactiv saw an opportunity to temporarily use the space to bring the community together and create an outlet for small businesses and artists while future redevelopment plans for the properties were pursued. “The pandemic has challenged all of us to find new ways of connecting while remaining safe,” says Reactiv’s Activation Director Tim Sack. “With support from Wana Brands, we’ve transformed three vacant properties into a community destination, while providing jobs...We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from the neighborhood as they’ve watched the project take shape.” 

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