Westword | July 2020

Now the circus-informed performance group Rainbow Militia is plowing forward with another socially distanced but live immersive event — this one in an empty 1906 Tennyson Street bungalow scheduled for demolition. The troupers were given carte blanche by the commercial real estate agency Reactiv to do whatever they wanted with the house, inside and out, and they'll roll out Gnome Away From Home, a participatory romp led from scene to scene by a lawn gnome named Fibblesticks Dabbledoo, beginning July 30. Audience members grouped into teams will have some hand in how each story is told as they move from room to room.

You might also consider the house a cast member, a reminder of the foibles of history; the bungalow will soon be torn down to make way for new condos in a changing neighborhood. But Blais and Stone had a special encounter that gave them a new appreciation for the space.

“The area gets a lot of foot traffic,” Blais begins. “People are walking by all the time. The other day a woman walked by who told us she grew up in the house during the ’70s. She gave us a full tour.” After getting to know the bungalow more intimately, Blais adds, "it’s cool that we get to give it a good send-off.”

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